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Bruce's page

Bruce's page
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This is where you'll find out about the driver and what went on during the last race

Driver- Bruce Clark
Birthday- July 10, 1986
I'm entering my 6th year of racing this season.
So far this season everything has gone good.
Race 1- I started near the back, but after last season I was use to it so thought nothing of it. As the race went on i went to the front with my new running buddy Josh Houle. As the race was coming to an end we had a red flag on lap 49 with me right near Josh waiting to go back green, and at the time we thought we did and I pass him for the lead and what i thought was win #1 on the season. Turns out the race was over and Josh had gotten the win. Congrats to him on the win and I finished 2nd
Race 2- This time i was rolling onto the field 10th, and in probally alot of people eyes this was my race to win. Will guess someone had other plans becuase i was taking out while battling the 666 for the lead. this dropped me backto probally 7-8th, which did worry me at all. As the laps ticked away I found myself behind a slow car(188) and decide to pay him back for what I feel was needed and in this process I wreck the car even more. But when it was all said and done I walked out of that wreckfest 4th, with the win going to Josh Houle(#2 on the season) and i'm now trailling him by 8 points going into the 3rd race.
Race 3- In my mind this was by far my wrose race of the year. I started two rows from the back and pretty much got stuck there for about ten laps. But then I moved up and when it's all said and down I finished 7th. Taking down the win was CJ Johnson. 

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Bruce Clark #39 4 cylinder enduro